Old Kent Estate, Coorg

April 2-6, 2019

About the Stay:

Built in 1864, the Old Kent Lodge is nestled within a 200-acre plantation of some of the oldest cultivars of coffee, pepper and cardamom in India. Perched atop a hill point within the estate, the verandah offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and valley. The landscape’s light changes subtly through the day, and there’s a panoramic view of the night sky after sundown.


About the Residency

Who Attended?

The Story Collective at Old Kent Estate in Coorg hosted a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, travel writers, designers, artists, and educators.

Why did we create this residency?

The intention of this residency was to connect creatives with their story so they could live it, create a space for them to grow, and more importantly, grow in the direction that’s right for them.

Here’s what some of the storytellers had to say:


“Although we all knew at the end we had to narrate a story, we never felt like we had to glorify it- only celebrate it within ourselves. I learnt that it's okay to not always be an achiever of things and it's okay to not always only put forward your achievements because there is a lot more to learn from the alternatives”

—neha patil,


“It’s not easy to explain in a single word or sentence, how exactly I feel now… But one thing that I can really be sure of, without any doubt, is that I am a changed person for sure after this residency.  I’m changed for good. And I can see everybody around me here experiencing this.”

— Mehul, Entrepreneur & Mentor


“What surprised me was that this residency was very practical, and gave me a lot of direction that I didn’t even know I was looking for.  It gave me a lot of tools to take forward and use in my professional life. And it didn’t negate the fact that we are all creative people, so there was enough space to develop and understand your creative identity within the professional development that was happening.”

— Pooja, Actor & Writer



IMG_2673 2.jpg

Raghava KK

Artist & Storyteller


Nihal Ahmed

Founder, Limitless


Jay Ahya

Founder, The Experience Co.


Alison Wynn

Multimedia Storyteller


All That Happened


What was included

The all inclusive programme fee was INR 39,999 and included everything below:

  • World-class workshops with top storytellers

  • 5 days 4 night stay in the luxurious estate shared by 3 residents

  • Facilitated transfers from BLR / KIAL airports (at additional cost of INR 3.5k)

  • Ikiguide designed by Limitless and Kill Your Talk - a book around storytelling written by Raghava KK

  • A well-connected diverse tribe of individuals

  • Full spread wholesome meals for breakfast, lunch, & dinner

  • Unlimited tea & coffee

  • Local explorations and workshops

Residents’ Profile:

A diverse mix of business owners, creative experts, professionals and leaders from creative industries.


Coorg, Karnataka


Chill, colonial architecture, coffee estate, forest hikes, campfires at night


“A linear and homogenous career is no longer the only path to success; rather it’s a polyamorous relationship with your skills, dabbling in multiple things, and finding a way to integrate all those learnings.”

Pallavi, designer

Founder, Pack of 2