A 5-DaY reSIDENCY IN a secret villa

Find Your Authentic Story

An immersive residency for creators, explorers, entrepreneurs and storytellers led by a master storyteller, artist & four-time TED speaker, Raghava KK

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14 CREATORS x 5 Days x 1 Secret Villa

The Story Collective is designed to help you find your most authentic story, bringing you closer to secret frameworks of storytelling that work for you and your organization.

The Story Collective is an opportunity for community leaders, founders of cutting-edge companies, creative professionals, freelancers and impact makers to level-up, personally and professionally

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Aug 19-23, 2019

A 100-year Portuguese bungalow in a Goan Village, a master storyteller, 3 incredible facilitators and a unique way to find, tell and live your authentic story.

Limited Invites


Why should you attend?


Perfect your story with raghava kk

Today, we are only as good as our stories. So think big, dream, develop your story and learn to tell it better with solid mentorship.


Take your brand pitch to the next level

Find a way to pitch your brand, invigorate your organisation, or improve the way you express your ideas. Get support from some amazing, hand-picked peers.


Explore new and different ways of expressing your story

Brainstorm the world you want to live in and start creating it today, alongside other world-class storytellers. Learn to bring your personal brand into the world of tomorrow.


Wake up inspired

Trust us, you will find your tribe here. Each day, you’ll be surrounded with a curated group of creative minds.  You’ll want to collaborate with this group  long after the retreat is over! 


Unpack your ikigai

Find out how to align your life and creativity with your broader vision. Learn from the struggles of successful storytellers. Explore storytelling mechanisms behind some of the world's most universal tales.

Be true to you

The Story Collective is about being the real you, living your story. This retreat won’t give you readymade gimmicks just to boost your social media presence. We believe that the most powerful stories come from deep conviction and authenticity, and that’s what we will work on with you.


Find your story in a beautiful place.

The Story Collective will get you exploring natural beauty, engaging with local communities, and much more! Whether it’s painting a collective mural or exploring and documenting the sights, sounds and smells, the only question is: Are you ready?

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Designed just for you.

Find your Story / Tell your Story / Live your Story

This residency is going to take you through these 3 unique stages to help you take your personal & organisation’s story to the next level. From activities focused on self-discovery, to engaging in art and community projects, you will surely find yourself doing things you have not experienced before.

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Why are we creating this residency?

Our intention is to connect you with your story so you can live it, build a space and tribe to help you grow— and more importantly, grow in the direction that’s right for you. Whether you have found your calling or are still seeking your purpose, this residency will help you align all of it with the bigger picture.

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Learn from one of the world’s best storytellers: Raghava KK


“The Story Collective had me starting on a journey of self-discovery, revealing aspects in me I wasn’t aware of. It gave a direction to the questions I came with. It inspired me to find and live my story; telling me that I’m capable of so much more. ”

Nidhi, travel writer & communications head, ink talks



The Story Collective is a collaboration between two dynamic and meaningful brands: The Experience Co & Limitless Institute:




Through our immersive journeys, residencies and festivals, we have created a colorful community of creators from across the world. Are you ready to be part of the tribe?




The Story Collective is created by teams who understand the intricacies of creating meaningful, transcendent experiences.




From India to Bali to the United States, our projects have taken us to tucked-away, unexplored places. We have worked with diverse communities worldwide.

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Live the best story you can tell.

While you are making your decision of coming to the Story Collective, we want to assure you that the residency will help you step up your life in more ways than one. That’s the thing about Combinatory Play, it can lead to interesting outcomes. All you have to do is show up with lots of good energy and a mindset to experience everything.

We promise this journey will add value to your life, your business & your creativity.


Apply for the program

Join 16 remarkable individuals from diverse parts of the country and find your authentic stories. Limited invites!


Have interesting ideas to add value to the Story Collective? Write to us at hello@theex.co


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